Summer Break is Coming!

Do you have a child that will be starting Head Start, Preschool or Kinder this fall? Did you know that you will need a dental clearance for enrollment? At such a young age many children have never even seen a dentist. Summer is the perfect opportunity to take them into the dentist and get their checkup. Remember to ask the office for your dental clearance form for school.

Do you have children already attending school? Summer is also a wonderful time to bring the kids into the office while they are out of school. Many times parents schedule dental and doctor appointments during the school year and if you’re being seen 2 times a year as advised to, they potentially miss multiple days of school, which in turn can affect their learning. Scheduling your appointments during summer months means less days of school being missed. It also means the child is less likely to be in pain from a tooth ache once school starts. We as parents know dental pain can be almost unbearable at times, imagine being a child and having to sit through class like that… Who can focus and truly learn anything when you’re in such pain or discomfort? Magic Smiles has summer appointments available Mon – Sat and 3 different locations. Please call any of our offices to schedule.

Here are a few fun ideas as well to keep the kids busy during summer:

  1. Summer Camps are available at many places such as YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, resource centers and even some schools. (some are even free if you do the research)
  2. Community pool/Waterparks – You can look up local pools online and there is Sun Splash in Tempe and Wet and Wild in North Phoenix
  3. Arts and Crafts – you can go into any Michaels or Walmart and find an assortment of different crafts for the kids to stay entertained

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