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Root Canal Treatment In Phoenix, AZ

Magic Smiles Dental of Phoenix is focused on providing dental care that’s safe, effective, and always based in prevention and total body health. One treatment that encompasses this is our signature root canal treatment. Though the term ‘root canal’ may sound serious, or even scary to some, we use gentle hands and the latest advanced dental tools to ensure efficient, comfortable experiences. For those seeking budget-friendly options, we understand the importance of accessibility to quality care. If you’re in Phoenix or Mesa, AZ, and are searching for a ‘cheap root canal dentist’ or exploring ‘root canal no insurance near me’, we’re here to provide compassionate and affordable dental solutions tailored to your needs.

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Root Canal Therapy For Adults & Kids Near Phoenix

Should the nerve of a tooth become traumatized, damaged, or infected from decay, the tooth may hurt or abscess. Unfortunately, dental abscesses can result in emergency hospitalizations, damage to developing teeth, and be extremely painful.

By performing therapeutic pulpotomies in children, and root canal (endodontic) therapy in adults, we can eliminate infection risks and save the tooth at the same time.

All of our pulp treatments are followed by a restoration, typically a dental crown. Once the endodontic treatment is complete, the health of your smile will be fully restored!

How Much Do Root Canals Cost?

Out-of-pocket root canal cost can vary from patient-to-patient depending upon their insurance carrier and plans. We accept plans from over 20 different insurance companies, as well as an array of AHCCCS plans. We also accept 0% financing plans through third-party lender, CareCredit®!
The friendly staff at Magic Smiles Dental always works hard to maximize your dental insurance coverage. Call us for a cost estimate!

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