Pediatric Restorative Dentistry

Did you know that many painful adult dental problems can be prevented by providing the right children’s dentistry services early in life? That’s why Kids Dental Center recommends bringing your child to our pediatric dentist office before their first birthday! The team at our Chandler, AZ pediatric dental office focuses on preventing and correcting pediatric dental issues to help your child create a better smile from the moment they cut their first tooth!
pediatric restorative dentistry service
Our pediatric dentistry team combines their advanced knowledge of dentistry with child-friendly dental techniques to create the perfect environment for our youngest patients to receive dental care. We encourage you and your child to ask questions and are always here to address any concerns you have as a parent. We offer empathetic oral health education and use simple explanations to answer your child’s questions and reassure them. If your child is anxious about their appointment or has special needs, we provide safe, comfortable sedation dentistry options that can make it easy for them to receive the pediatric dental care they need.

Managing Dental Caries (AKA Cavities)

A cavity is a hole in the tooth. When the enamel fractures or erodes, it lets bacteria and plaque inside the tooth. Once inside, the bacteria eats away at the inside, making the hole bigger and bigger. If it gets too big, it can get into the nerve, or even into the permanent tooth growing underneath the gums. At this point, more aggressive restorative therapy is needed.

What’s a Pulpotomy?

Primary teeth are treated differently than permanent teeth for two reasons: 1) the teeth will eventually be lost, and 2) they erode far more quickly than adult teeth do. A pulpotomy is a step above a filling, in that the decay is scooped out and the inner nerve is treated with a medicated material to prevent any further bacterial growth. Once the medicated filling is in place, a stainless steel crown (SSC) will be affixed over the tooth to prevent it from breaking down. If the pulpotomy is on one of the front teeth, the crown may be tooth-colored to maintain an aesthetically pleasing smile.

What’s the Difference Between a Pulpotomy and a Pulpectomy?

In a pulpotomy, only the crown portion of the pulp is removed. A pulpectomy is more like a root canal in an adult. The pulp is completely removed and the entire interior of the tooth is sealed and filled with a resorbable material. As in a pulpotomy treatment, the tooth will be crowned.

What’s A Pediatric Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped coverings cemented to a badly damaged tooth to restore the shape and functionality of the tooth. Our pediatric dentists may recommend a crown for your child’s tooth if it has a large cavity, was broken or chipped due to trauma, or if the tooth hasn’t developed correctly. Our Chandler dentist office provides stainless steel crowns or tooth-colored crowns to help restore your child’s smile.

Aren’t These Treatments a Lot For a Small Child To Handle?

Having extensive dental work done is a lot for any adult to handle, let alone a small child. At Kids Dental Center, we offer two solutions that may be used at the same time. We are the only local pediatric dentist with an open door policy. You are welcome in the treatment room any time your child is there. Having you there will be a source of comfort. We also offer three forms of dental sedation: laughing gas, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation. Your young child will be safe and relaxed while we treat their cavities.

A Healthy Smile for Life

Every parent hopes that their child will have healthy teeth. After all, a smile is one of the first things people notice and remember. But sometimes, due to genetics or circumstance, the primary or permanent teeth have decay that needs to be corrected. With the newest techniques in dental care, our Chandler office can restore your child’s smile, helping them maintain healthy teeth for a healthy life! Learn more about our preventative cleaning procedures, including dental sealants and thorough digital x-rays. Book your dental visit today.
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