Pediatric Preventative Dentistry

pediatric preventative dentistry
There are a number of things that go into caring for your child’s teeth. You know the obvious ones: brushing, flossing, regular exams, and preventative teeth cleaning. But there are a few other ways you can care for their teeth that you might not be aware of, such as:
Dental Sealants
Oral Cancer Screenings
Frenectomies or tongue-tie surgery
When you take the best care of your child’s teeth, they will continue to be healthy through their life and into adulthood!

Routine Preventative Dental Care

Did you know the ADA recommends that children at risk of decay have exams, cleanings, and x-rays twice a year? If you aren’t brushing and flossing their teeth twice a day, your child is part of the high-risk group! Make the time to brush and floss AND visit the dentist on a regular basis.

Seal It Up

A dental sealant is only used on teeth when the enamel has a deep crevice or groove. The thin tooth-colored plastic covers the fractured bite surface in order to prevent decay from taking over in hard-to-clean areas. You will still need to take good care of teeth with sealants, as the seal does not cover the sides of the tooth. Sealants are a good option to prevent unnecessary fillings.

Oral Cancer Screenings

One out of every four patients with oral cancer has no previous exposure or habits that would predicate the disease. That means twenty-five percent of patients with oral cancer don’t smoke or use other tobacco products – and yet it has taken hold in their mouth. We take every measure to ensure that your child is screened for oral cancer, especially as they grow into their teenage years.

Prevent an Emergency with a Mouthguard

Children who play sports should take extra care of their teeth. A mouthguard does exactly what its name implies: it guards your teeth, lips, cheeks, and more. Pucks, balls, rackets, elbows, boots, and a whole host of other accidental projectiles could be headed for your child’s teeth. Why not give him a way to keep them safe and intact? Ask your Kids Dental Center dentist about a mouthguard today for an extra preventative measure!

Dental X-Rays

Taking x-rays is a simple, yet effective way to screen for oral diseases and cavities, as well as a way to track the development of permanent teeth. The risk of radiation is low while the benefits of early detection are high. Children with a high risk of decay need x-rays twice a year, but everyone should have them at least annually. Our staff takes every precaution to ensure the least amount of radiation exposure possible.
Better Tools, Better Prognosis

Better Tools, Better Prognosis

The tools we have to diagnose and treat oral cancer have improved greatly in recent years. Know the signs of oral cancer and talk to your doctor if you have any questions. Warning signs include:
A sore spot that doesn’t heal, but bleeds easily.
Tissue in your gums, cheeks, or lips that has changed color.
Any small eroded areas, thicker or rougher spots, or a lump.
Discomfort and pain; tender places or feeling numb anywhere in your mouth.

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