Root Canal Treatment In Mesa, AZ

Magic Smiles Dental, the leading dentist in Mesa, AZ, provides customized treatment plans that are always rooted in prevention. That said, sometimes dental decay or injury can call for more deliberate treatment options, like root canal therapy.

Whether you have had a root canal before or this is your very first one, you can rest assured knowing that our dentists do everything they can to make the procedure comfortable and efficient for our patients in Mesa!

Root Canal Therapy For Adults & Kids

If your tooth has suffered damage due to injury or decay, there is a chance that the nerve has become infected.  When left untreated, infected dental abscesses can evolve into extremely painful conditions that sometimes even require hospitalizations.

By performing therapeutic pulpotomies in children, and root canal (endodontic) therapy in adults, we can eliminate infection risks and save the tooth at the same time.

Once the root canal is complete, our dentists will top the tooth with a luminous restorations, like a dental crown. It is then that your dental health – and your total body health! – will be fully restored.

How Much Do Root Canals Cost?

Out-of-pocket root canal cost can vary from patient-to-patient depending upon their insurance carrier and plans. We accept plans from over 20 different insurance companies, as well as an array of AHCCCS plans. We also accept 0% financing plans through third-party lender, CareCredit®!

The friendly staff at Magic Smiles Dental always works hard to maximize your dental insurance coverage. Call our Mesa office today for a cost estimate.

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