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Magic Care Membership Fees



1 Year Individual


2 Year Individual



1 Year Companion Pass


2 Year Companion Pass



1 Year Family


2 Year Family

Special Pricing

ProceduresMagic Care MembersEveryone Else
New patient exam & X-rays$10$60
Basic adult cleaning$69$110
Deep cleaning$169$307
Simple extraction$109$221
Surgical extraction$189$342
Surface white filling$119$218
Prefabricated Crown$239$420
Custom Porcelain Crown$789$1,382
Replacement denture$1,149$2,015
Braces & retainersStarting from $3,500$6,386

What you get:

Members are entitled to the Magic Smiles Satisfaction Guarantee and replacement promise if they remain a member of the program

Extended Magic Smiles replacement promise coverage for up to 30 days as an unwritten benefit if patients are within 15 days of an expired membership

Automatic eligibility in the membership program for Magic Smiles No-credit Check financing options

Access to Special seasonal or special promotions

Satisfaction Guarantee and Replacement Promise

As long as a patient is a member of Magic Care’s membership plan (every private pay patient should be a member so as to avoid issues with insurance carriers) Magic Smiles offers its Satisfaction Guarantee or Replacement Promise on all dental work performed at Magic Smiles Dental. The specifics include

Satisfaction Guarantee on all “services” Including a no questions-asked refund

5-year replacement guarantee for “products” such as crowns and bridges

3-year replacement guarantee for “products” such as fillings, dentures, and partial dentures

Does not apply to lost full or partial dentures. Broken dentures and partials will be replaced or repaired, when possible.

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Private pay patients are entitled to special dental treatment fees (our Magic Smiles fees) at or below normal insurance paid fees and approximately 45% below customary fees in the market as long as they are enrolled in our membership program.
All non-insurance patients must be a member of the program to receive the Magic Care membership fee prices and avoid violating insurance agreements.

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