Are you one of the many people who have tried to apply for AHCCCS healthcare and were denied because you make too much money yet you struggle financially when paying for private insurance for your family?

There is good news!!!! AHCCCS is opening enrollment to their Kids Care program where you pay a small fee depending on income and # of people in your household and receive all the same benefits that any other AHCCCS plan provides. Please read the details below provided by the AHCCCS website:

Who’s Eligible?

Children in households between 133% and 200% of the Federal Poverty Limit. The annual family income for a household of four at 133% FPL is $32,319 and at 200% FPL is $48,600.

What is KidsCare?

Ahcccs plans for parents insuring children whom will pay a monthly premium depending on their household income.

KidsCare income limits?

Monthly premiums can range from $10 for one child in a household at the lower income range up to $70 for multiple children in households at the upper income range.

How much will I pay?

What plan will I be on?

Eligible children will receive their coverage through health plans contracted with the AHCCCS Administration (for example, care1st, mercy care, phx health plan, etc)

When can I apply?

KidsCare will begin accepting applications July 26, 2016 for coverage that will begin Sept 1, 2016. Applications received prior to July 26 will be denied until the legislation becomes effective.