How Much Sugar Is In Your Drink?

Many of us think that Gatorade is a close substitute to water, that apple juice is better than soda, and that energy drinks are a “must” some days.

But how true are these assumptions? I have put together a chart below to help you better understand the amount of sugars that go into many common drinks. You might be very surprised…

Consider This!

Next time you buy a drink for your children or yourself, just think back to this sugar table. Would you allow your children to eat candy, donuts and other sugary sweets all day? So why would we allow sugary drinks all day? Sometimes it’s nice to get that extra burst of energy from the Monster, the electrolytes from the Gatorade, and the yumminess of the apple juice!

My suggestion is to reduce the amount you are intaking and of course brush those teeth to get rid of all the sugar bugs! And remember that water is always the best option!