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At Magic Smiles, we are passionate about helping you regain your confidence with a beautiful, natural-looking smile. Dentures are one of our key services, designed to replace missing teeth and restore the functionality of your mouth.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. They resemble natural teeth and gum tissue, helping to restore your smile and significantly improve your quality of life. Dentures not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of your face but also assist with important everyday functions like eating and speaking.

Types of Dentures

At Magic Smiles, we offer several types of dentures, each tailored to meet your unique dental needs:
Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures

Used when all the teeth are missing, complete dentures can be either “conventional” or “immediate.” Conventional dentures are made after the teeth have been removed and the gum tissue has begun to heal. Immediate dentures are prepared in advance and can be positioned as soon as the teeth are removed.
Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

These are used when some natural teeth remain. A removable partial denture usually consists of replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic base, sometimes connected by a metal framework that holds the denture in place in the mouth.

The Denture Process at Magic Smiles

Acquiring dentures at Magic Smiles is a process that ensures your maximum comfort and satisfaction:

Initial Consultation

Your dentist will evaluate your teeth’s condition and discuss with you the best options for tooth replacement. If dentures are the best solution, we’ll proceed with the following steps.

Impressions and Measurements

Your dentist will take impressions of your oral tissues that will support the denture and measure the jaw relations.

Try-in of the Denture

Before the final denture is cast, a model is made in the shape of the proposed denture to be tried in the mouth. Adjustments for color, shape, and fit are made during this stage.

Final Fitting

Once the denture is fabricated, it will be placed in your mouth, and any minor adjustments will be made. Our team will also give you guidance on how to care for your new dentures.

Denture Care

To ensure your dentures last long and stay in good shape, it’s essential to:
Remove and rinse them after eating.
Handle them carefully to avoid dropping and breaking them.
Clean your mouth after removing your dentures.
Brush your dentures daily to remove food particles.
Soak your dentures overnight in a denture cleaner.
Schedule regular dental check-ups.

Why Choose Magic Smiles?

At Magic Smiles, we understand that choosing dentures is a big decision. That’s why we’re committed to providing expert advice, comfortable care, and high-quality, custom-made dentures that look natural and fit perfectly.

We’re excited to serve as your trusted partner in this journey!

If you’re ready to regain your beautiful smile and improve your quality of life, don’t hesitate to contact us at Magic Smiles.
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