Childrens Dental Health Month

Since 1941, people have been observing National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM). What started as a one-day observance on Feb 3rd in Cleveland, Ohio, progressed into a weeklong event by 1955, and has now turned into a nationally observed month. Every year during the month of February, thousands of dental professionals, educators, and community members band together across the United States to promote good oral health and its benefits. There are also many dentists across America that will offer free or discounted services on Feb 6th which is observed as Give Kids A Smile Day.

The slogan for this year’s campaign is “Defeat Monster Mouth”. This is displayed on posters that can be requested for free from the ADA. These posters have characters that show how to “Defeat Monster Mouth” using proper oral care such as brushing, flossing, regular dental visits, and even healthy eating.

Teaching children at a young age the importance and benefits of dental health helps to maintain a lifetime of happy smiles. Are you teaching proper dental health habits to your children and family? Want additional information or resources on how you can? Go to or or visit our monthly blog for additional ideas and tips.

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