Are You Going To Take Out The Trash?

Ask yourself; are you in that group of people who don’t like to floss? Are you the one that leaves the popcorn kernel or piece of chicken between your teeth for days? And don’t go see the dentist regularly?

Why am I asking you these questions? Well, would you leave chicken out for a few days on the counter and then eat it? My guess would be that you probably would throw it in the trash. Now think about it being 98 degrees and 100% humidity with millions of bacteria populating and feasting on your precious food stuck between your teeth.

When you ignore food in between your teeth you give the bacteria a constant supply of food. After the bacteria digests the food they release chemicals that breakdown your teeth and other chemicals that cause inflammation of the gum tissue (gingivitis). Thus cavities and periodontal disease develop over time. In the case of cavities, now they have a new area to hide in (think of it as a cave).

You might say “Well I brush 2 to 3 times a day and thus I don’t need to floss”. As much as we appreciate that you brush your teeth on a regular basis the bristles of the toothbrush cannot reach into all the areas between the teeth. So over time, if you are not flossing properly or visiting your dentist on a regular basis; more and more bacteria grow to eat the chicken which causes cavities in your teeth and inflammation of your gums. In time a tooth ache develops and you finally go to the dentist to take care of your pain (i.e. removing the tooth or Root Canal).

So the next time you take out the trash, think about whether you flossed that day in addition to brushing your teeth.

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